Jury Jiu Jitsu


Jury Jiu Jitsu Affiliate Program
(Myles “Fury” Jury – UFC lightweight division)
The new era style for martial arts, whether traditional or mixed, that is a dominating style. I, Myles Jury, gathered this style from years of experience from traveling all over the country. JJJ combines certain styles of all martial arts, broken down to three curriculums that flow together; Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling and Striking (with pieces of other martial arts incorporated).

Jury Jiu Jitsu offers to single or multiple areas such as; MMA, Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, and Striking. The JJJ affiliates/students can vary from getting in shape, just being involved for a hobby or learning the tools to compete at the highest level.

Jury Jiu Jitsu is tenacious & elusive, changing levels/pace/angles/movement at all times, setting opponent up to improve position and to finish as quickly as you can.

Very Brief Description
• Being elusive & tenacious at all times
• Technical style using technique before power & speed
• Offensive and/or striking from all angles and areas at all times
• Very high pace, no stalling or stalemate
• Changing angles and movement, trying to never repeat
• Progressing to more dominate positions or areas (regardless of standing up or on ground)
• Wrestling to change the pace, getting to certain positions once takedown is complete
• If you end up on your back, submit or immediately sweep to get on top (never on bottom unless submitting)
• On ground, always engaging to more dominate position, striking and/or offensive to set up submission/finish
• If in defensive position, changing the pace by using a JJJ setup for a offensive position

Jury Jiu Jitsu Affiliate program has a ranking system and serves to all styles.

Affiliate Mission
The mission of Jury Jiu Jitsu is to provide facilities, programs, and services that will strive to provide the highest quality of martial arts training to support all of its associates and academies. We shall remain focused and dedicated to offering communities, worldwide, the opportunity to learn and grow in and out of the gym with the philosophies, techniques, and traditions. The association will conduct business in a way that is responsible and responsive to the needs, goals, and desires of our members in continuous efforts of achieving excellence while being a fun and safe environment.

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