Juniors 7-12 Years

Junior Leadership Program (7 – 12)
“Shaping Leaders for Tomorrow” Leadership Skills – Pride Martial Arts Academy’s unique character development teaches our Juniors Team the skills needed to succeed in life:

  • Confidence
  • Respect
  • Relationship Building
  • Dedication
  • Leadership

Personal Safety & Self-Defense – Taught by Certified Martial Arts Field Agents with “Kidz ‘N Power, Pride Martial Arts Academy is centers the junior program through learning with a real-life approach. Pride Martial Arts is focused on teaching kids the dangers of child abduction and bullying through realistic role play scenarios and drills.

Fun & Fitness – Our dynamic and exciting curriculum offers a great workout that allows children to develop, set, and achieve goals. “GOALS WE SET ARE GOALS WE GET.” With childhood obesity on the rise, there is a great need for more physical activity for school age children. Studies show that it’s not that children need to eat less, but that they need more activity. A small imbalance between caloric intake and energy or physical output can lead to significant weight gain over time. The Martial Arts provides an intense and fun workout to help children “kick start” a healthy lifestyle that guarantees success!


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